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Your All-in-One Holistic Anxiety Support App

What is Cultivating Calm?

Your holistic hub for anxiety! Learn how to manage anxiety naturally with three key pillars integrated into a system that works.


Targeted anxiety-calming nutrients


Brain training meditation exercises


Nervous system regulating movements

Learn step-by-step how to
manage anxiety          getting overwhelmed by the process


Join the community if you want to

Release anxious thoughts and feel in control again

Say goodbye to people-pleasing and living your life for others

Trust your instincts and make decisions quickly

Feel confident without needing validation from others

Feel energized because you're not wasting it worrying

Imagine                from your inner critic to find peace and self-acceptance

breaking free

What does the app include?

The Chaos to Calm Blueprint signature 4-week course for holistic anxiety management

Access to holistic anxiety courses like Managing Sunday Scaries, Anxiety Detox, Self-care Reset

Delicious anxiety-calming recipes that'll have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes

Audio meditations for every anxiety-induced scenario. Like when you stress before a big meeting, or can't fall asleep at night because you're replaying every embarrassing memory

Yoga videos of all lengths to regulate your nervous system 

Access to the private Cultivating Calm community where connection & motivation happens

Live monthly Masterclasses and Q&A's on the hottest anxiety topics

Unlimited private message access to ME for motivation and support

It's time to make mental space for
what        matters

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