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Attract & retain top talent in your company                  employees burning out


Why prioritize workplace wellness?


of the payroll budget goes to covering burnout


greater feeling of employee belonging when a company has a wellness program

9 in 10

employees consider the benefits package when choosing a company


less likely employees report burnout when there's a wellness program


Hi, I'm Heather!

I teach employees how to manage stress & anxiety and prevent burnout.

I work in the natural wellness space and come from a strong research background with a Master's of Science from the University of Waterloo. I have also worked at Canada's largest mental health hospital, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

My sessions are packed full of manageable micro changes - because people don't need more information, they need a system that works in their busy life!

Core Offerings

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Natural Ways to Manage Stress & Overwhelm

In this interactive seminar you'll learn

  • Foods that increase anxiety and easy swaps to try instead

  • Nutrients you may be lacking if you feel anxious

  • The importance of physical activity in managing your emotions & how to make time for it

  • Simple hacks to relax your nervous system when it’s in overdrive 

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The Stress Less Challenge

  • 30-day evidence-based program to manage stress & anxiety

  • A mix of pre-recorded content on a convenient app + live sessions for support

  • Great for fostering community and company culture

  • 100% of people say their stress reduced

  • 63% reduction in anxiety symptoms after taking the program

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Meal Prep for Busy Professionals

In this interactive seminar you'll learn

  • How to shift your diet mindset & prioritize yourself

  • Which foods offer the best bang for your buck – both for nutrition and $

  • The question you should ask yourself at every meal

  • 6 hacks to meal prep effectively when you’re short on time

Other Options Include

  • Meditation For A Happier, Calmer You (4/8pt series)

  • Yoga Classes

  • Stretch Breaks

  • Nutrition Consultations

  • Wellness Week Activities

  • Additional seminar topics such as​

    • Secrets to living longer - what we can learn from the Blue Zones

    • Mindful eating 101

    • How to make healthy habits stick

    • How to support mental health with healthy self-care

    • How to manage your time like a pro - and reduce stress in the process

A Few Companies I've Worked With

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Canadian Tire Logo.png

What People Are Saying

Employee, HOOPP

This seminar was a great break from working! Heather is a valuable resource to the wellness team. She is positive and I always enjoy her offerings.

Employee, Canadian Tire

Heather has done a fabulous job leading meditations online for employees. She makes meditation seem manageable and people always mention how calm and productive they feel after her sessions. We're lucky to have her!

Employee, Liberty Insurance

Heather's online yoga classes are a valuable team building exercise for us - everyone feels so connected after them. She also designs them for all skills levels!

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