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Hi, I'm Heather!

Anxiety warrior.

Eating disorder survivor.

Recovering people-pleasing perfectionist.

Animal lover almost to the point of obsession.

Anxiety smacked me in the face during University...

It showed up at my door like an uninvited party guest. But while it may have spilled over during this time in the form of anxiety attacks and constant self-doubt, it started when I was younger...

I was constantly told I was "too sensitive".

Any amount of criticism or confrontation and I'd cry. 

I would say YES to everything in an attempt to get people to like me. And then I'd be exhausted by an overfull schedule.

As an introvert at heart this didn't sit well.

Anxiety stole so much from me, leaving me overwhelmed and stuck in a seemingly never-ending loop.

Anxiety            .
I get it because I've been there.
I was you.


But, hey, I wasn't about to let it bulldoze my dreams forever. I mean, who wants to pop anti-anxiety meds like candy for the rest of their lives? Not me!

So, I went all-natural, like a veggie-loving, sugar-reducing, caffeine-dodging ninja. And guess what? My life started to change.

By incorporating targeted anti-anxiety nutrients I started to feel calmer.

But still...a lot of my mental space was going towards anxiety. A small thought would spiral throughout the day and I was constantly overthinking things - wondering if people actually liked me or just tolerated me.

This is when I brought in meditation. What a game-changer.

It takes a                approach to heal from anxiety naturally.
Let me show you how.


I wish I had a guide along the way to show me the pieces of the puzzle. 

I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what stuck.

That's why it's my mission to help others, because anxiety can absolutely be managed naturally. I can show you how to break free from anxiety patterns, feel confident in your decisions, and live a life FOR YOU, and no one else.

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