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Hey, I'm Heather!

Anxiety smacked me right in the face during University.

I was always a sensitive kid...any sign of criticism and I'd burst into tears...but this was different.

I developed anxiety attacks where my heart would beat fast, my palms got sweaty, and I felt like the world was ending.

Anxiety took so much of my life, leaving me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and just stuck. I knew things needed to change, but I didn't want to rely on anti-anxiety meds for the rest of my life, so I took a natural approach and changed my diet (cut down sugar, removed caffeine, went plant-based...the works) and started practicing mindfulness. 

And HOLY CRAP what a difference it made.

I went from being curled in a ball, sobbing on my bedroom floor, to running my own business and feeling CONFIDENT in my decisions.

That's why I became a Nutritionist & Meditation Instructor cause this stuff freaking works! 


You just gotta be open and ready for your life to change. To say buh-bye to overwhelm and hello to feeling like yourself. Actually, let's aim for better than that, say hello to feeling like a frigging unicorn, full of sparkle and all that good stuff.



What does it cost to work with you?

Working on your anxiety is an investment...but woah is it worth it. As much as I wish I could waive my magic wand and your anxiety would frig off, it's gonna take time. 

You can expect to work together between 4-6 visits to really get rolling, this means an investment of $360 upwards, but packages/payment plans are available.

Is this going to take a lot of my time?

Yes and no. Any time you change your behaviour...and by behaviour I mean LIFE, it's gonna take effort. BUT the good news is that you have a coach (that's me) to make it as simple as possible. I create a strategy and break it down into easy to digest nuggets that you can implement no problemo. Then, I'm there to check in with you every step of the way!

How can I be sure this will work?

Nothing in life is certain, but I'm showing you what worked for me and what has worked for hundreds of other clients. I need you to be open and ready for change, and be committed to the process. I never take on a client I don't think I can help.

I'm ready to learn more. What's next?

Let's do it! When you're ready to stop worrying and feeling exhausted from all that anxiety book your FREE call to get going.

What people are sayin'

Heather tackles anxiety from two different areas: nutrition and mindfulness, and provides useful tools to decrease anxiety. I absolutely felt my anxiety levels decrease since working together, and am confident that I will now have habits to proactively take down anxiety in its tracks going forward. 

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