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Go after what you want without anxiety holding you back

It starts the moment you wake up...

Your mind races thinking about your endless to-do list.


>You overthink everything instead of focusing on what you're doing.

>You're afraid to speak up in that meeting because what if you sound dumb.

>You replay conversations with friends, wondering if you came across as rude or awkward.

>You come up with 10 different scenarios for how things could go wrong, and try to control for every possible outcome.

You can't seem to shut your brain off. 


As if adulting wasn’t hard enough, throw anxiety into the mix and it’s the literal worst.


I've been there, but 5 years ago I made it my mission to break through anxiety and self-doubt and step into a different life…one where I'm not on edge and irritable and impatient all day. 


I used a natural approach of nutrients to nourish my mind & mindfulness techniques to slow me down to get off the exhausting hamster wheel of looping thoughts.

glitter background.jpg

When I managed my anxiety I became confident in my decisions.

I'm now excited when good things come up in my life, instead of weighing the pros and cons.

I learned I'm a majestic freaking unicorn full of glitter and sparkles and all that good stuff.

I know underneath you're a unicorn too.

Let's find your sparkle.

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Find out which foods to work in every day so you feel calm

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