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Discover the magic of

a clear mind

The next round starts September 2021!

I know the feeling...

It starts the moment you wake up.

Your mind races thinking about your endless to-do list. Then you worry about a million things, feeling distracted all day long.

You go through your entire day on edge for no reason.


When your head finally hits the pillow at night you replay all the stress and anxiety, worrying you accidentally offended somebody. And then you do it all again the next day!


As if adulting wasn’t hard enough, throw anxiety into the mix and it’s the literal worst.


I've been there, but 5 years ago I made it my mission to break through anxiety and self-doubt and step into a different life…one where I'm not on edge and irritable and impatient all day. 


I used a natural approach of nutrients to nourish my mind & mindfulness techniques to slow me down to get off the exhausting hamster wheel of looping thoughts.

glitter background.jpg

I found freedom from anxiety and learned I'm a majestic freaking unicorn full of glitter and sparkles and all that good stuff.

I know underneath you're a unicorn too.

Let's find your sparkle.

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Find out which foods to work in every day so you feel calm

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