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I remember when I had my first panic attack. I was at a crowded party in University and my heart started to pound and I couldn't breathe. I locked myself in the bathroom as I gasped for breath and fear set in, I thought for sure I was dying. I remember sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor waiting for it to pass. That experience terrified me and I immediately started wondering when the next one would happen. All throughout University I alternated between high anxiety episodes and deep depression. I was withdrawn a lot and found it hard to focus on the things I once enjoyed. I tried seeing a counselor but didn't find it helpful, and I didn't want to go on medication. Someone suggested I try switching up my diet, so I went vegetarian. Immediately I noticed my mood improved and my chronic bloat and heartburn subsided.

A few years after that I went fully plant-based and saw even more improvements in my mood (I was actually HAPPY!) and I could deal with stress a lot better. After adding in meditation and yoga I became a more calm and compassionate person. I still have my ups and down because I'm human just like you, but when I look at how far I've come it boggles  my mind!


I got my Holistic Nutrition degree so I could educate others on how to nourish the mind with food. No stranger to the health industry, I have a Master's of Science and have worked in public health and mental health in the past, but I wanted more one-on-one connection with people!

Let's face it, our relationship with food these days is in the dumps, I want to show you just how important food is for your mood. Imagine not feeling sad, anxious, or stressed all the time, and being able to bounce back better from any setbacks. I'm your gal to help!

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