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Beyond Perfect

Feel good enough without burning yourself out

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Check out Cultivating Calm for a FREE trial instead!

Let me guess you're:

Tired of trying so hard but never feeling good enough

Always doing everything yourself and then exhausted from saying "yes" to everyone else #noboundaries

Wasting time playing out scenarios that won't ever come true but you can't stop spiraling

So done with trying to win everyone's approval but you don't know any other way to live

And on top of it all if you're not productive all the time you feel like a lazy failure!


I get it because that was 

Hitting burnout several times before I was 35

Spiraling when I received any hint of criticism

Always thinking my friends were mad at me or my partner would leave me

Not sleeping because I had to replay any mistakes I made

Terrified of failing and disappointing people yet weirdly scared of success because it could mean more judgement

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I finally figured a way out!

I'm teaching you exactlyhow to break free from your inner critic & self-doubt.
How to stop being so hard on yourself
without losing your drive.

What's included with Beyond Perfect?

Six weeks of content that get to the root of anxiety & perfectionism - no fluff, just targeted practices that shift your unhelpful patterns

Beyond Perfect Modules
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Week 1

Motivation Makeover

Get clear on your self-sabotage patterns and how to finally break through them + set up consistent habits that you stick with


Week 2

Meditation Mastery

Meditate properly to squash overthinking + making decisions with ease instead of overanalyzing every scenario


Week 3

Nutrient Nourish

The best diet for your mental health & avoiding common diet pitfalls


Week 4

Mindful Motion

Exercise for overachievers & how to regulate your nervous system

Week 5

Community Charm

Stop comparing yourself to others & feeling behind

Week 6

Eternal Ease

Move beyond perfection & trying to control everything and towards balance & ease

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To accomplish this, each day (whenever it's convenient in your schedule), you complete:

        A quick daily motivation clip that sets the tone for your day (2 min)

        A targeted practice that will regulate your nervous system (ranging 2 - 20 min)

        Each week builds off the previous one. By the end you have a full self-care plan that doesn't feel overwhelming, just something manageable that you do every day.

Unlimited 1:1 message support with me for motivation

Access to a private community where connection & support happens


LIVE weekly meetings for bonus content + accountability ($582 value)

Full access to all resources on the Cultivating Calm app featuring dozens of meditations, delicious recipes, and yoga classes ($94 value)

A 30-min 1:1 session with me for insight into your individual limiting beliefs & how to shift them ($97 value)

That's $773 in bonuses!

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Check out Cultivating Calm for a FREE trial instead!

What makes Beyond Perfect different?

Sets you up with the right habits using the Cultivating Calm   method, taking the guess-work out of what you should be doing


Layers in new habits each week so you see results without getting overwhelmed

Easy to fit into your packed schedule with an average time/day of 20 minutes


What's it like to take a program with me? 

It's time to make mental space for
what        matters

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