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Stop listening to your inner critic...

You know, that voice in your head that tells you:

📣 everyone is further ahead than you

📣 you can't make mistakes

📣 you need to keep proving your worth - no time to relax

📣 you're a fraud despite all your accomplishments

All of this negative self-talk is holding you back from the life you want.

Let's change that.

It's time to Level Up!

Are you tired of feeling held back by anxiety?


Do you wish you could face life's challenges with unwavering confidence?


It's time to break free and Level Up!


This 8-week transformative coaching program will help you overcome anxiety and build the confidence you've always dreamed of.

In 8-weeks you could:

✔️ Gain the confidence to be authentically you. Speak up in meetings, travel solo, or leave your job & pursue the life you've always wanted.

✔️ Say what you're thinking deep down without worrying how people will take it.

✔️ Make decisions with ease and know that you've made the right one.

✔️ Say YES to new opportunities that come your way because you'll figure it out as you go, no need to worry 10 steps ahead.


You could change nothing & be exactly where you are now. 

But I bet a life of doubting yourself, overthinking, and needing to be perfect is not the next level you crave.

Life is                 

to waste it worrying.

too short

Level Up coaching program includes:

✔️ 1 x 60min kick-off call

✔️ 1 x 30min coaching call every week

✔️ Tailored exercises to get clear on your goals & identify your next level

✔️ A personalized roadmap outlining the practices that will get you to your goals

✔️ 2-months of unlimited messaging & voice note support to keep you on track

BONUS Cultivating Calm app access for the duration of the program for 100+ meditations, recipes, yoga classes ($100 value)

BONUS A private supportive community to cheer you on​

Here's what makes Level Up different

and gets you feeling confident



We dive deep into the root of your anxiety & I develop a tailored plan to follow.

This plan sets you up with good habits and rewires your neural pathways for more happiness & confidence.



Evidence Based

After 7 years of coaching hundreds of clients I know what works.


I use a holistic blend from nutrition, meditation, and mindfulness-based CBT. All evidence-based practices that lead to big changes.



Easy To Follow

Anxiety is overwhelming enough. You don't need a million more items on your to-do list.

You need quick daily practices that regulate your nervous system.

Online Meditation


Firm Compassion

I've been there, it feels like you're stuck in anxiety forever. I get it - so I always lead with compassion, never judgement. 

But I won't let you off the hook either, we're here to go deep and massively disrupt your old beliefs.


Ready to see how your life can                   shift?


Not into 1:1 support yet?
Check out the Cultivating Calm community!

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