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Working with Heather was such a valuable and eye-opening experience for me. Her regular coaching sessions and personable nature really helped me to feel connected and come to look forward to our touch points. 

—Infinite Nutrition client

"Working with Heather helped me form good habits for the new year. I feel more energized, organized and better equipped in the kitchen!"

Diet Reset Participant

"Heather was supportive and available throughout [our time together], offering recipes, daily tips, and motivation. Heather applies her science knowledge and background into her nutritional program, which sets her apart."


"The 10 day plant based challenge was exactly what I needed to start incorporating more plant based eating into my life. The recipes were easy to follow but they also introduced many popular concepts in vegan cooking that I had been too daunted to try previously (how to prepare tofu, make cashew cheese etc). 

Overall I would say the plant based challenge was a great value and provides the structure, information and support for anyone looking to make the switch or incorporate more plant based eating into their diet."

—Plant-based Challenge Participant


"The diet reset was great! Heather was very informative and motivational through the 3 weeks, she provided awesome recipes that added lots of variety to my meals and I feel great after doing it!"

— Diet Reset Participant

"I absolutely loved the diet reset with Heather. She was not only a constant support throughout the entire process, but her daily emails helped keep me motivated and informed."

— Diet Reset Participant

"I accidentally found out about Heather while taking a walk in the Distillery District. I booked a probe session and honestly did not have any expectations as I had previously had several experiences, which unfortunately did not end with a desired ending. I ended up booking 4 sessions with her and it would be an understatement to say that my experience with her changed my life. After decades of misleading guidance and advice about nutrition, I can now say that I have gained proper knowledge about the regime that is best for me. Not only did I achieve my goals with Heather, but she also taught me why proper nutrition plays a key role in our lives and what are some common mistakes we all make thinking we are doing the best for our body. She also helped me get a more balanced mind and generally feel great about myself. She went above and beyond every time I needed guidance trying to get me back on track (both physically and mentally). I will definitely continue to see Heather in future.''her again!"



Heather's recommendations were easy to integrate, I've seen results in the goals that we set together, and best of all I feel that I've been armed with the information I need to keep these habits moving forward!

— Infinite Nutrition Client

The ongoing support this program offers makes setting goals for nutrition, anxiety reduction and overall well-being attainable. 

— Infinite Nutrition Client