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Why you need to try salt water floating

July 30, 2018


A few weeks ago I had the experience of floating. No I’m not talking about some new psychedelic, I’m talking about a salt water float! The experience was bizarre to say the least, read on for the low down.

I arrived at Float on Queen St W in Toronto and was greeted by a calm and welcoming environment. There was tea, mood lighting, and huge bags of Epsom salts…what more could a gal ask for?! Once I got in the room there was a giant pod and it looked like I was going to be shipped to another planet.


I cautiously stepped into the lukewarm water and immediately felt myself start to float to the top as I lay down. The sensation was like being suspended in space (or what I assume that would feel like…Chris Hadfield needs to confirm this). There was soft light and low music and eventually when I got brave enough I turned them both off. At first I didn’t know where I was and what I was supposed to be doing, essentially I felt pretty lost. Then a voice inside my head said “just relax, just breathe”. So that’s what I did, I floated.


I changed around and explored different positions to see what was most comfortable. Oddly enough, arms above my head worked best #powerpose. So there I was, floating in a salty bathtub being calm AF. But guess what? Then it got hard again, because that’s life and an hour is a hella long time to be alone with your thoughts. It felt like I had been to relaxation town and was ready to go home, but my bus hadn’t arrived yet; I was stranded. My legs started to get restless and my mind started racing. But then a weird thing happened and it got calm again. Before I knew it the lights slowly ebbed back on and the music played.


When I got out I felt heavy and slow, packed full of salt water. I was on full sensory overload, the sky seemed way too bright, and does everyone just constantly honk their horn in Toronto? The best part was I had no inclination to check my phone or hop in Instagram right away. Instead I felt the need to write and to create.


So was the experience enjoyable? Yes at times. Would I do it again? Yes x 1000. When teaching yoga you’ll frequently hear me say the phrase “just be” as students slip in savasana. During the float I got a chance to live that phrase and put everything in life on hold to just be.


*Huge thank you to Float Toronto for inviting me to try their services. I will definitely be back!

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