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How to Avoid the Diet Derail During the Holidays

November 12, 2017

 We've all been there...you've been working so hard watch what you eat, and work out when you can and then all of a sudden BOOM your knee-deep in a cheeseball and everything unravels. Here are a few tips for the holidays to keep your health on track:


1. Keep up with the healthy habits as best you can

This may mean doing compressed versions of your workouts (think 10 or 20 minute bouts instead of a full gym sesh), or having healthy snacks when you can.


 2. Give activity-based presents

This holiday, give others (and yourself) the gift of something active! If there's a new workout craze you've always wanted to try, give it as a present to your bestie. Or give the gift of trying a new activity; bubble soccer anyone?



3. If you host the event, you get to decide what people eat

Be the "hostess with the mostess". If you have people over you get to set the meal plan. For example, a delicious stuffed acorn squash! Alternatively, if you go to someone else's place, offer to bring a dish. That way you know there will be at least one healthy option (because you brought it!).



4. Give yourself a break

You're doing the best you can! Don't let one small setback totally derail you. Take a deep breath and just begin again. One of my favourite quotes is below:





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