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Feel confident and excited about your future

...without anxiety holding you back

30 Days to Calm is an online group coaching program. If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed and don't want to waste another second of your life worrying, this program is for you.
I'll show you step-by-step how to manage anxiety naturally with diet and mindfulness. Teaching you what nutrients you need to combat anxiety and how to work them in, and how to practice mindfulness properly to re-direct your mind towards peace & calm.

The next round begins October 2021


This program is for you if you...

Are stuck in your own head
Can't focus because you're so anxious
Feel frustrated because you're irritated for no good reason
Are tired of wasting time worrying about every little thing
Feel like you're holding back on your life
Are ready to make choices on what you want in life and not from a place of fear
Want a fresh start with concrete coping tools to get you there

The Deets

This program includes:

Modules released every week with concrete action steps to help you feel calm

             Week 1: Cut out stuff that's causing you anxiety

              Week 2: Add in stuff to make you feel calm

              Week 3: Master your freaking thoughts

              Week 4: Find your sparkly inner unicorn

LIVE weekly coaching calls for accountability so you stay on track

A hand-selected group of experts joining coaching calls to share their secrets

Anxiety SOS tools to help you regain control when anxiety ramps up

Lifetime access to course content so you can recharge when you need it

Access to a member's only group to connect with others in the program


BONUS: A one-month supply of my favourite anxiety supplement ($50 VALUE)

BONUS: TWO 30-minute individual consultations with me for personalized recommendations ($190 VALUE)

See a sneak peek of the program here


"This program will change your life and you will start to think differently about how you take care of your body and mental health. The practical food tips Heather provides and the anxiety busting techniques she offers are things that I use regularly."

"This program is worth so much more than Heather is charging! I was skeptical about group coaching at first, but during these four weeks, not only did my anxiety decrease, but I learned that this is not something I have to live with my whole life!"

"I was introduced to this program at a confusing and dark time for me. I had just started therapy for my anxiety and depression and was skeptical that something like this could do much to change how I was feeling about myself. I thought how could only 4 weeks of someone telling me how to do things differently work? Well, I was pleasantly wrong because this program in only 4 weeks has taught me so much about myself. I feel more comfortable in my skin and I feel confident about my future."

"The 30 days to calm program was an eye opening experience. I learned so much about my anxiety and what I need to do to be a calmer and more confident person. Not only has Heather been an incredible coach throughout, but the structured program that she built helped me stay engaged and on track."

"I decided this was the year I was going to invest in myself and 30 Days to Calm was one of the best investments I could have made. I didn't think it was possible to grow as much as I did within the timeframe but I could not be more proud of myself. I now feel better equipped to deal with my anxiety when it arises. I am not my anxiety and I have Heather to thank for helping me get here!"

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