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Join the 30 Day Program now!


30 DAYS TO CALM is an online group coaching program. Meet others with anxiety who are just like you. I promise every weird panicky thought you've had someone else has thought it too!

This program includes:

Four weeks of step-by-step coaching to reduce your anxiety

Easy to implement strategies to make you calm (we're talkin' 5 minutes a day)

Experts joining you for coaching calls with their secrets on overcoming anxiety

A list of the Big 5 Anxiety Offenders that are in your diet right now, how to remove them & what you should eat instead

My fav anxiety SOS tools you can do in a minute or less when anxiety ramps up


Quizzes to rate your anxiety throughout the program and watch it change

Lifetime access to course content so you can recharge when you need it

BONUS: A gift bag with all my favourite anti-anxiety goodies ($X VALUE)

BONUS: A 30-minute Initial Consultation for personalized supplement recommendations ($80 VALUE)

Get a sneak peek of the program calendar for each weekly focus.


I sounds scary right? You have a million thoughts right now and don't know where to start. So let's clear up some of the excuses that might be holding you back.

I don't have the time or energy...

Does your mind race all day long and at the end you feel exhausted? By learning to eat and think your way to calm you'll leave exhaustion in your dust. You'll be a freaking Energizer Bunny with time (and mental space) for your family, showering your bf (or your cat) with love, and most importantly more energy for the things you love! Those hobbies you've been meaning to focus on...yep you'll have time for that.


And hunny, you have the same number of hours as Beyonce. I know you can carve out 5-10 of them each day to make yourself feel calm and centered and worthy.

I can't afford it...

When I first started my business I was broke. BUT there was a business course I wanted to take that cost $1200. I knew taking it would grow my business but it was hard to justify the cost. To make ends meet I picked up extra yoga shifts, wrote articles for magazines, and did whatever I needed to scrape the cash together. This was important to me so I made it work. If your anxiety has gotten to the point where you know you can't live like this forever then you'll find the cash too. I've priced this as low as I possibly can (and thrown in bonuses for you like a personalized supplement consultation) so it's worth your time.


Also, what is the cost of your anxiety? I missed out on work opportunities and promotions because mine held me back. Could you be making more $$$ if you were confident, calm, and not exhausted all the time?

I don't know if it'll work...

Nothing in life is certain. And I'm not guaranteeing 100% this program will work for you. This is the approach that worked for me (and dozens of my past clients), and I believe it will work for you.


What's the alternative of not trying...spending the rest of your life with no control over how you feel? Feeling irritable and exhausted and lashing out at your love ones until you push everyone away? That's not the kind of future I want for you, you are so much more than your anxiety.

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